A lone toilet stands incongruously in an open field, a humorous juxtaposition against the backdrop of everyday suburban life.
Two figures in tactical gear are silhouetted against a stark, gritty interior, capturing a tense moment in an airsoft match.
 The remnants of a Littlebird helicopter lie abandoned in a field, a stark relic of aviation history slowly yielding to nature.
Stacked shipping containers create an imposing structure against a cloud-dotted sky.
A black-and-white image captures a moment of tense readiness as an individual in tactical gear takes aim beside stark, repurposed shipping containers labeled as a 'DETENTION CENTER,' set against a backdrop of dense Floridian foliage.
A black-and-white portrait evokes a relaxed yet rugged ambience, featuring a man casually reclining outdoors, a cigar loosely held between his lips, exuding a nonchalant air of respite amidst a blur of natural surroundings.
2 figures find an elevated escape, lounging under an umbrella on a sunlit rooftop at USF.
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