A graduate smiles in front of the USF (University of South Florida) Muma College of Business school, clad in regalia and ready for the future.
A poised graduate sits before a fountain, symbolizing the flow of new beginnings post-graduation.
An airsoft player in camouflage takes aim, captured through a 590nm infrared camera that transforms the scene into an otherworldly landscape.

Infrared (590nm)

Airsoft enthusiasts don tactical US Vietnam-era gear, nestled in a lush woodland setting reminiscent of historic reconnaissance missions.
A figure in Soviet-style military gear stands confidently before an armored personnel carrier, evoking the intensity of historical battlefields.
A studio portrait of a young man with a thoughtful expression, highlighted by a soft light that sculpts his features against a dark background.
A poised man in a black suit and burgundy shirt leans on a chair, his gaze reflecting sophistication and introspection, set against a deep black backdrop.
A smiling artist sits surrounded by a vibrant tapestry of their colorful artwork, exuding creativity and warmth.
A solitary figure sits in contemplation, overlooking a rain-speckled window with a serene waterfront view.
A young man in casual attire sits on concrete stairs, his thoughtful gaze reflecting the city's architectural lines around him.
A young man perches on a ledge, casual yet stylish, with a thoughtful gaze and colorful sneakers that pop against the city's minimalist backdrop.
A person poses in a gas mask against a plain background, creating a stark contrast with the retro rainbow logo on their sweatshirt, blending historical and modern motifs.
An artist sketches the lively waterfront scene before them, their work a mirror to the quaint architecture and rippling water bathed in golden sunlight.
A drummer immersed in a halo of light, captured in a 720nm infrared spectrum, creates a surreal and ethereal musical scene.

Infrared (720nm)

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